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Grampa's pride & joy was his weed puller! A simple lever (and a sore back) was his inspiration for inventing this unique tool way back in 1913 in Seattle, USA. For decades it was very popular in the Northwest of America because its simple ingenious design allowed gardeners to easily pull weeds and their roots without bending, pulling or kneeling! All you do is centre over a weed, press into the ground and's as easy as that.

Manufacturing of the tool stopped during World War II so much needed materials could be put toward the war effort; but now 60 years later...we are re-introducing this wonderful effortless weeder to gardeners everywhere! Grampa's Weeder's simplicity, effortless, craftsmanship, and good old-fashioned appeal had made this tool a huge success once again!

It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee because it's as well made and durable as the original.

How to use:

Step 1: Centre Grampa's Weeder over a weed, with the footpad lever pointing to either your right or left.

Step 2: Press your foot on the footpad lever and push Grampa's Weeder into the ground, around the weed.

Step 3: Remove your foot and tilt the handle towards the footpad lever and out comes the weed!.


Grampa's Weeder Testimonials:

"This tool helps make weeding less of a chore. It gets the job done , is easy to use and very effective. It extracts the whole weed including the roots, very easy. I was able to eliminate the dandelions in my yard in about 30 minutes. Cleaver design. Haven't seen anything similar on the market. Best feature: takes out the whole weed plus roots!"
Corinne McCallum - Inverness

"This is a "oldy" but a "goody". I think this is the best weed puller that has ever been made. It is durable, handy, easy to use and can be used by the kids. Its great!"
Debra Price - Southampton

"My dad had a weeder like this when I was growing up. It does the job with ease. I love it! Simple and easy. Great garden tool!"
Emily Svancara - Surrey

"Grampa's Weeder is a solid respectable tool for both men and women! It makes pulling weeds almost fun. I went around my huge garden attacking and winning. Easy to operate. Shove it in, lean the tool, and out it comes!"
Carol Baker - Bolton

Good old-fashioned ingenuity and craftsmanship make Grandpa's Weeder the most effective, effortless weed puller ever!!

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