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Slug Circles

Slug Circles are a non-toxic barrier against Slugs & Snails in the garden.

Simply cut to size & place around the plant/shrub or create a slug-free zone by ring fencing a part of the garden. When a slug/snail attempts to cross a slug circle, a small electrical charge is created naturally by the copper tape which will repel them.

Slug Circles are a combination of rot-resistant polypropylene onto which copper foil is adhered. Copper foil is a well known slug/snail repellent.

Slug Circles are simply formed & positioned around the plants/shrubs in the garden. (Dia.1) Slug Circles can also be used to ring-fence an area in the garden & keep it free of slugs/snails.

Slug Circles are supplied as a coil of polypropylene and a separate coil of copper foil. The user can create Slug Circles of varying diameters (see Dia.2) to suit their own particular requirements.

For example, a 4m pack (4m of polypropylene & 4m copper foil) can create 13 x 4" or 8 x 7" or 5 x 11" or 2 x 28" Slug Circles or any combination to suit.

  Dia 1.

Dia 2.

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